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Topical Times – A new year and some new stock!

A regular update on the life and times of John Hanby’s Newstead Bonsai Centre……..

Topical Times – A new year and some new stock!

With the Christmas break out of the way my team of dedicated helpers arrived back at work and raring to go……well they did arrive back at work!

The first job was to start overhauling a bonsai collection I had purchased in the late Autumn. The owner of these trees had done a great job with them…..most of them are well over 40 years old.

He had started them off from nothing at a time when there was relatively very little information available on how to care for and develop bonsai. When you look at the trees now you appreciate how far he has come.

Now in his eighties I think the trees had just become too much for him. There comes a point when you look out on your trees and instead of enjoying their beauty all you see is work….jobs that need doing. There is nothing worse than seeing your trees deteriorate because you are unable to give them the attention they deserve.

So the trees ended up with me and hopefully we can do their previous owner proud by progressing them further and helping them find new homes. All the trees were repotted, most of them into new pots. Each tree was then extensively and meticulously pruned by myself.

They are now all priced up and for sale on the nursery…..we have already received several enquiries which is really encouraging. We have a few conifers still left to do but the freezing weather has interrupted our progress.

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