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Classroom Corner – Rob’s Larch

An open window into the comings and goings of students and their trees attending our regular weekend and midweek bonsai classes under the ever watchful eyes of John Hanby.

Classroom Corner – Rob’s Larch
Rob brought this substantial Larch to a recent workshop. He had totally wired all theIMG_6136 branches which were now ready for positioning.
A large low branch was removed….it was growing at a poor upward angle out of the trunk and was almost opposite another large low branch. Some smaller branches were also removed during the styling.
The next question was whether or not to repot the tree. I knew that several years ago when Rob first acquired the tree that it had struggled but certainly in the last two seasons it had grown very vigorously.
The root mass was solid around the edge of the pot but much softer in the centre nearer the trunk so there was a need to investigate further. When the tree was lifted out of the pot it became obvious that the outer section of the rootball was very strong but in the centre there was some dead roots and very poor soil…..probably original garden soil.
The soil was removed totally from the centre of the rootball but the outer edge was left untouched and intact. New compost…..a mixture of akadama and pumice was then added. A normal repot will probably be carried out in two years time.
This tree is progressing well and should look good when the foliage is out. It should also retain it’s vigour now the root problem has been dealt with.
IMG_6137 IMG_6139 IMG_6140
IMG_6143 IMG_6142 IMG_6141