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Studio Stories – Keith’s massive Field Maples!


Sometimes I work on nursery trees, sometimes I work on client’s trees……and sometimes if I’ve been a really good boy I get to work on my own trees. Hopefully these regular visits will give you an insight into what goes on behind closed doors……….

Studio Stories – Keith’s massive Field Maples!

I recently had the pleasure of doing a one to one with a student who wanted help repotting some big, big trees. These included two Field Maples ( Acer Campestre )

The trees had not been repotted for many years so I knew it would be quite a challenge. The sheer size of the trees and their rootballs made them difficult to handle and manoeuvre.

You can see in the pictures just how much root the trees had put on. The rootball had to be opened up and a selection/pruning made.

Once the trees were secured and settled in their new pots it was time to look at the tops. The trees had been allowed to grow and now needed some serious structural pruning.

New pots, new compost, roots sorted, tops sorted… these trees can move forward ……and they should develop much more quickly in to two very impressive trees!

IMG_6283 IMG_6284 IMG_6285 IMG_6286 IMG_6287 IMG_6288 IMG_6289 IMG_6290 IMG_6291 IMG_6292 IMG_6293 IMG_6294 IMG_6295 IMG_6299 (1) IMG_6299