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Memory Lane – Deciduous trees at Newstead Four 2010

Looking back….we can tell a tree’s story…..admire an image…..capture a moment…..remember a special event… inspired – to create a memory for tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy this regular peep into some of John’s bonsai history.

Memory Lane – Deciduous trees at Newstead Four 2010

First of all can I apologise for not posting any articles recently….things have been a bit hectic to say the least. Its nice to be back and I will now endeavour  to keep a steady flow of new articles for inclusion on the website.

Its hard to believe that six years have passed since our last Newstead extravaganza…….but time flies as they say when you are enjoying yourself. We had some tremendous deciduous trees on display with many of them clinging desperately  to their leaves against the onslaught of an early Autumn.

Where the leaves have gone you can really appreciate the degree of refinement and the quality of the tree. I hope you enjoy this small selection and for those of you lucky enough to be there it’s another chance to reminisce and feel your age!!!