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Classroom Corner – Dave’s root-on-rock Juniper!

An open window into the comings and goings of students and their trees attending our regular weekend and midweek bonsai classes under the ever watchful eyes of John Hanby.
Classroom Corner – Dave’s root-on-rock Juniper!

This planting was originally created by Nobutaka Sakuma at one of our Newstead Extravaganza events in 2008. The tree had arrived from Japan a few years before and the rock originated from Austria.

Considering how long the tree has been on the rock it is in excellent condition…….strong and healthy. In fact, aesthetically there is too much greenery for the trunk and the planting itself.

Discussing the tree with Dave as we proceeded several somewhat large branches had to be removed. The end result is a canopy more in proportion with both the trunk and the rock.

The superb movement in the trunk and the interesting shari are now exposed. Large stubs have been left for the creation of deadwood which may or may not be incorporated into the design.

The existing wire will now be removed. The tree can then be rewired and styled over the coming winter. Some more branches may yet have to be removed…….I look forward to it………the styling that is!!!