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Topical Times – When two become one……

A regular update on the life and times of John Hanby’s Newstead Bonsai Centre……..

Topical Times – When two become one……..

This work was recently carried out at a clients home. He had two red Deshojo  Maple groups. One consisted of three trees in a round pot whilst the other was a forest planting in a long shallow rectangular pot.

He was concerned with the lack of depth in the main forest. The question was ….could we put the two groups together in one pot? Certainly not in the pots the groups were already in…..these are large trees!

He had a couple of pots under one of his benches…….unbelievable……one of them a large oval appeared perfect. We have hundreds of pots on the nursery and often still struggle to find the right one!

I had to break up the long forest in to two halves. This gave me three elements to bring together in one pot. In creating this new larger forest the usual rules had to apply. The group had to have depth and direction. The trees had to relate to one another in terms of height, trunk thickness, direction and position.

I was really pleased with the end product. Given the limitations of basically having three clumps to arrange in a relatively compact pot the finished forest works really well. It should look super when it comes into leaf with that rich red foliage.

…….and the client?…….he was pleased too……he has a new tree!!