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Maples Class May 2019

A tale of two trees, just two of many that were brought to this Maples class.

This Maple is very strong and in good condition. Growing tips have been pinched to control it’s growth but it is losing it’s way in terms of style/appearance. It is in danger of becoming more stylised like a conifer bonsai rather than a natural deciduous tree image.
The tree looks better already for being thinned out… is lighter and more natural. Now we have to change the way we pinch the new growth and be more selective. In the spring we will wire some of the branches and plan how we prune in the following growing season.
This red Deshojo Maple had almost the opposite problem. Growing strong again but in danger of losing its natural refined tree image by becoming an overgrown bush.
A “little” thinning out was done and now once again you can see the tree’s impressive trunk and branch structure.
Once again there will be some wiring in spring but both now and next year all new growth will have to be seriously controlled. Only a few selected branches will be allowed to extend.

Seeing the trees now in full growth is really useful at this time of year. Now we can make adjustments and get maximum benefit from the remainder of the growing season. Left to their own devices producing lots of unwanted growth can then result in a year being completely wasted. Rather than making progress it can result in the tree going backwards!

At my time of life we can’t afford to be wasting years!!!