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Case Study – Lee’s Golden Privet

April 2017….The stump had been dug up around 2 years previously and simply allowed to grow and recover.
The tree has sprouted well with a good selection of branches all around the trunk.
So now on this first visit to the school it was time to make a selection.
The branches that will form the crown have been severely shortened whilst the lower branches have been left long to thicken.
November 2017….The lower branches had been wired down and the top of the tree kept under control.
A little corrective pruning was carried out.
The branches are thickening well.
June 2018….The apex is so strong with lots of shoots beginning to extend.
The tree is pruned to bring it back under control.
9th June 2019….I think we are now in a position to cut back the lower branches.
Pruned back to shape and now ready to take full advantage of the remaining seasons growth.

Privet is good to work with because it responds so well to being pruned and is very forgiving. Even allowing for this the transformation in this tree in 2 years is quite remarkable.

It is a case of making the right selections at the right time, allowing the tree to grow well in between but then bringing the tree back under control.

The future image of this tree is becoming clearly visible and now it is up to us to help him get there! You are doing a great job Lee…..well done!