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Andrew’s Juniper Parsonii

Wow…..had this tree grown since it’s last appearance at a workshop!
Drastic action to reduce the foliage mass and expose the trunk.
New deadwood created and let wiring commence.
The live veins are beginning to swell and stand proud of the trunk.
The Shari will be extended linking the deadwood and making the raised separated veins look even more impressive.
The first stage in extending the Shari is carried out.
The flat area in the middle of the trunk on the opposite side of the tree will also be made into Shari in due course.
Branches cut off need to be made into jins.
A heavy cut off branch near the apex needs to be made into jin.
At last the tree is beginning to emerge with an impressive tapering trunk and a nice foliage canopy. This is one possible front.
With this front the lower heavy branch would have to be brought more round towards the front.
Another possible front. The foliage clouds can now be developed and refined to fill out the framework of this initial styling.