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Linking deadwood with a Shari…….

The open trunk line is fairly straight with minimal taper and is somewhat uninteresting.
This Literati Juniper has some jins created during previous styling work.
By introducing a Shari we can create interest and a sense of greater movement.
The existing jins are joined together which immediately gives the Shari a more natural appearance. It is even extended along the top of the live lower branch into another existing Jin.
This Shari was created tearing a little at a time and letting the tree define its line. The remaining bits of cambium will be removed and the Shari will gradually be widened over time but we will always follow the tree.

It is always safer to do these things gradually and let the tree dictate the pace and the line the Shari will take. People often just mark Shari lines all over the bark with little regard for the natural vein lines and the health requirements of the tree.

When doing this work you have to carefully combine both aesthetic and health considerations.