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Did you thin out your early summer growth?…..

Generally trees grow…..this is good…….its a worry when they don’t!

As the early season growth develops the danger then is that the trees become too dense or elongated and young shoots inside can suffer as a result.

At the beginning of July this Shore Pine originally collected in Scotland was growing really well.
Opening the canopy allows so much more light and air to penetrate the tree and its inner branches.
This Larch appeared in the classroom towards the end of July.
Now we can rediscover the shape of the tree and refine the new growth.
When the tree is next repotted maybe this could be considered as an alternative front.
We can do a lot of training to Lonicera Nitidia just by pruning.
Upward growing shoots have been removed leaving the horizontal growing shoots to help extend and strengthen the foliage clouds.

Failure to carry out some summer pruning may result in a lost opportunity to improve your tree’s ramification.