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A workshop Spruce

John brought this Spruce to a recent workshop. Plenty of healthy foliage.
The tree has so many massive limbs and the foliage is becoming too far away from the trunk.
Detail of the heavy branches but interesting trunk movement.
The tree after being wired and styled. Some heavy branches have been removed whilst others have been manipulated to bring the foliage closer to the trunk.

The tree now has a pleasing triangular silhouette in scale with the trunk and the trees overall size. Spaces and foliage clouds are now clearly defined and visible ready for more compact development and refinement.

The lower left hand branch is a little heavy at the moment and slightly out balances the tree. This whole branch could be removed at some point in the future when the other branches are better developed. It’s better to leave it at the moment so that too much foliage is not removed all in one session as this could weaken the tree and slow down its progress.