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Geoff’s Shohin Larch

This Larch appeared at a recent class.
The base trunk is quite stocky but the upper section is too tall and lacks taper.
Where it has ben badly chopped in the past will need improvement.
The top section has been made into deadwood. This can always be reduced further or manipulated more in the future. The lower section has been wired, positioned and pruned back.
A Shari has been introduced to improve the illusion of taper in the trunk and to link the new deadwood to the original chopped scar. The original scar can be hollowed out with a power tool and made into an attractive feature.

I feel we have made real progress with this tree today. The conflict between the upper and lower sections of the tree has been dealt with.

The way forward is now with a smaller more impressive half cascade shohin size tree. This has all the makings of a really good bonsai.