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A Kiyohime Maple (Part two)

We left the tree growing well in the summer of 2016 but now it was time to consider the next step…..repotting!

February 2017 – The tree had done well in the deep pot since coming out of the ground.

The dense fibrous rootball made it possible to reduce it to get it into a shallower pot.
I was lucky to have this Japanese cream oval pot in stock.
It certainly looks a much more impressive tree in the shallow pot.
April 2017 – The tree certainly doesn’t seem unduly worried after the repot.
November 2017 – Ramification continues to improve.
The main part of the original frost damage has now become a hollow in the trunk.
October 2018 – A really nice autumn colour this year.
May 2020 – The tree continues its remarkable recovery. After the severe frost damage it could so easily have died or been cast aside.
May 2020 – The tree after being cleaned out but with the weaker top left untouched. This could be a new front to show off the hollow trunk.

This tree really has come a long way and hopefully has a good future to look forward to. I like the natural styling of this tree with the branches rising up from the base like multiple trunks. This is so true to nature and reminiscent of the large old Beech trees you will often encounter in the grounds of stately homes.

A seemingly cruel decision by Mother Nature at the time, may just have exalted this tree to a much higher level than an impressive garden plant!