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Michelle’s Problem Pyracantha

July 2018 – Strong and healthy but the trunk and branch lines are too rigid and straight to make a convincing cascade bonsai.
After some thoughtful pruning the branches could actually represent individual trees but how could we develop it as a landscape?
March 2020 – The tree continues to grow strongly.
At last we have some rocks to play with!
Making a start…..
…..coming together.
Starting to look a much better proposition than the cascade bonsai we started with.
The rocks look really interesting from this side.

There is potential to make quite a wide landscape planting with this material.

This tree was never going to work as a cascade bonsai. We have now started something that can give this tree its own unique character. Moving forwards we can concentrate our efforts on developing the individual trees to truly formulate the feeling of landscape. The rocks themselves are full of character and work well together. Watch this space for future updates.