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Trees are pleased to see me again!!…..I think?

For many trees this Covid summer meant extra attention from owners looking to fill those lockdown hours. Never have bonsai been so well pampered, fed and watered, their every whim satisfied by an unusually conscientious enthusiast.

The resumption of classes was a definite shock to the system! Just when trees thought it was safe to grow branches and they are dragged back to the classroom!

Here are some before and after pictures of some of the trees that made the perilous journey back to my turntable.

Privet with strong top growth

A slight change to the front and the chalked area shows where we need to improve the connection between the two trunks.
Collected Olive undergoing branch training.
Back under control.
Taxus Baccata where the lower branches have been allowed to grow to thicken.
The tree stays on track under control but another branch selection has been made and more light/air can enter the tree.
Juniper Procumbens allowed to grow strong to aid recovery.
The tree is in such good condition that we can now start to prune back and develop branches nearer the trunk for a more compact refined image.
Cotoneaster garden shrub growing well in all areas.
This impressive tree is making a powerful conventional Japanese bonsai image.