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My Black Pine – Part one

I acquired this tree some time around 2005. I had been looking out for a black pine and was attracted to the impressive base and substantial nature of this tree.

I am seen here in 2008 discussing the tree with Takeo Kawabe and Hotsumi Terrakawa. The heavy low branch came out horizontally and Mr Kawabe suggested drilling holes in the branch and bending it down. Under his supervision I carried out this work and nervously pulled the branch down.

In the years that followed the tree generally struggled which prevented it from progressing further. This picture was taken in April 2013 and the weakness in the tree is clearly apparent.

A repot had obviously not helped and I became worried about its health. I finally decided to plant it in the ground in one of my growing beds in an attempt to rejuvenate the tree.

Fortunately this plan of action worked and over the winter of 2016/2017 the tree was lifted and returned to a bonsai pot. This picture was taken in March 2017 and clearly the vigour has returned but there was some dieback on the main branch and a substantial branch to the rear had also been lost.
July 2017. The transfer to the pot has not upset the tree and new growth is strong.
From the rear the strength in the tree is a little more obvious and the dead branch is clearly visible.
I decided to balance the vigour in the tree by selective pruning and the removal of needles
The front on completion of the work.
The rear on completion of the work.
I refer to this as the foliage removed. My students would call it evidence or exhibit A!

The tree is recovering well and growing stronger so now I can once again consider moving forwards to the next stage. To be continued…..