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My Black Pine – Part two

Part one had finished in July 2017 after a pruning back and thinning out of needles to balance the vigour in the tree. We now catch up with the tree in 2018.

January 2018 – The tree continues to grow well and is bushing out again.
At the back of the tree the large dead branch is very prominent so why not make it a feature. I was considering this side as a possible new front.
The base is stronger from this side and a natural shari on a large root adds flare and character.
The tree would have to be tilted towards the new front and could be viewed from this corner to see the base of the trunk at its widest point.
The dead branch would have to be stripped of bark and made in to a jin. The old pruning scar would need to be hollowed out.
Bark stripped and hollowing out completed.
There is some nice natural character in the deadwood.
There is also nice movement and taper in the dead branch.
February 2018 – Now the tree could be wired starting with the lower branch.
The tree wired and positioned viewed from the new front.
Viewed from the other side the dead branch is nicely in the same plane as the live branches.

Now the tree can be left to grow and recover again……….to be continued.