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Drop and Collect in Full Swing – Forest Plantings

I have decided to extend my repotting service to include styling and pruning work. Basically you send me some pictures of the work you want doing and I give you a price based on the time involved to carry out the work. If you decide to go ahead you drop the trees off at the unit, I do the work, and then arrange for you to collect them. Due to the enquiries I have had I will continue this service even when classes resume.

John dropped off these Larch and wanted them bringing together in a large oval pot he had acquired.
The existing group has knitted together well. One tree is weaker than the rest and its progress will need to be monitored.
The compost in which the tall single tree was planted had broken down but there were still plenty of fibrous roots.
I selected three of the smaller larch john supplied because he wanted to keep an odd number of trees in the finished group. The remaining Larch can be kept in reserve for if the weaker tree dies.
Positioning the trees in the pot. Depth was good but space for arranging them was limited.
The trees finally brought together and now ready for pruning.
Really pleased with the finished image. I think the trees have come together well and it has a strong natural feel about it. The prominent tall trees to the front give that feeling of being close to this group of trees and despite the confines of the pot the composition also has excellent depth.
The trees work well together even when viewed from the side.

It was nice doing some bonsai work again and John was really pleased with the result when he came to collect his new forest planting. It was just what he had in mind when he brought the materials together. He has grown them on well.

If you have a project you want help bringing to fruition why not get in touch and take advantage of out new drop and collect service.