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Another busy drop and collect day!

The drop and collect service for repotting, pruning and styling work is proving extremely popular. Students drop their trees off, I do the work required and then they collect the finished trees.

This week I have been really busy doing repottings. Here are some of the trees I have been working on.

Juniper Blaauws variety triple trunk.
Planting to one side and utilising the space in the wider pot accentuates the feeling of landscape.
Juniper Squamata in the Literati style
The shallow pot really suits this style and the central deadwood feature becomes much more dramatic.
Juniper Sabina raw material
Much more at home in a training pot and ready for styling at the end of this year.
A styled San Jose juniper
The oval wide rimmed pot really suits this powerful little tree.
A recently styled Pyracantha
Now in a training pot where it can grow on ready for its final pot.
Another recently styled workshop tree. This time its a juniper Procumbens in the half cascade style.
The branches follow the angles and lines of the pot. This pot allows us ample scope to extend the length of the cascading section.

Send me an email if you want to take advantage of my drop and collect service.