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Latest News – Pre Christmas class availability, 2014 class dates released

November/December Availability

23rd Nov         Maples Three              Sold out

24th Nov         Open workshop           Sold out

27th Nov         Midweek workshop      1 place left

30th Nov         Open workshop           4 places left

1st Dec            Larch Two                    Sold out

8th Dec            Open workshop         4 places left

11 Dec             Midweek workshop    3 places left

14th Dec          Open workshop         5 places left

15th Dec          Xmas special              1 place left

22nd Dec         Open workshop          8 places left

Jan-July Dates 2014

The new class dates for our Spring/Summer schedule 2014 have just been published.

You will find them under courses in Bonsai Classes and Information.

I hope there is something for everyone within this schedule. There are plenty of general open workshops as well as the popular specific species classes to help you with Junipers, Maples, Pines, Satsuki Azaleas, Larch, and Taxus.

There is a technique day on grafting and air layering, whilst a raft planting could be created in our Forest class.

Bonsai aesthetics is a relative newcomer for those of you interested in improving your bonsai styling.

We have also included extra Beginners classes to cope with the increased demand.

We have provisionally allowed for academy levels five and seven but if we can attract just a few more students we will also run a level one course.

Spring classes often fill up very quickly with many people coming to classes to carry out all their repotting work. So take a look, see what you fancy and contact us to reserve your place.

Best bonsai wishes…….