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New for 2011 - Bonsai Clinic

You have acquired a tree... help!

What do I do next?

My tree is sick?

My tree is dying?

You and your tree are not alone, help is at hand.

We now propose to formalise what has become an increasingly popular part of our bonsai nursery operation – free advice and help. The surgery will consist of a free 10 minute session during which we will answer your questions, give advice/ instruction, and generally try to point you in the right direction in caring for your tree.

If any practical work such as pruning or repotting is considered necessary, and you wish us to undertake this work, then a price will be agreed with you before any work is commenced.

This 10 minute advice session is not a substitute for our full day workshops or beginners course where extensive practical help, information and advice is given.

These sessions are generally aimed at people who are new to the hobby and/or have a tree with a specific problem.