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The Newstead Bonsai Centre prides itself on continuously providing high quality bonsai and raw material to suit all prices and size requirements.


Here are images of just some of the material we have supplied:

dsc01643 april_07_012 dsc01620 whpine_lg dsc_0060 dsc01603 dsc01602 dsc_0019 dsc_0020 dsc01609 april-07-013 new_july_2008_007 new_july_2008_004 s7300091 s7300168 s7300162 s7300161 s7300159 s7300158 s7300164 may-07-005 may-07-002 jjuly07-011 dscn1006_lg            



Please come along and pay us a visit - you will not be disappointed!

Check out just a selection of images of the material we have available at the Newstead Bonsai Centre >>