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Soil & Re-Potting

Products in: /Soil & Re-Potting
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Re-potting mesh Re-potting mesh
High quality, durable, black re-potting mesh - used to cover drainage holes in the bottom of Bonsai pots and containers. Sold in single sheets - approximately A4 size.…
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Soil Sieve (3 screens) - 210mm Soil Sieve (3 screens) - 210mm
Stainles steel Soil Sieve with three different mesh sizes - small size - excellent for sifting soil when re-potting Shohin or Chuhin trees.…
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Soil Sieve (3 screens) - 300mm Soil Sieve (3 screens) - 300mm
Stainless Steel Soil Sieve with three different mesh sizes - made in Japan…
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Soil scoops - plastic Soil scoops - plastic
High quality plastic soil scoops come in 3 different sizes - made in Japan…
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Soil scoops - stainless steel Soil scoops - stainless steel
High quality stainless steel scoops come in 3 different sizes - made in Japan…
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Sphagnum Moss Sphagnum Moss
Sphagnum Moss - 150g dry weight - imported from Japan. Widely used for a variey of applications for Bonsai - air-layering, re-potting plus much more. Soak in water for several hours - …
Masakuni Bonsai Knife Masakuni Bonsai Knife
Masakuni Bonsai knife (with sheath) Made by possibly the best Bonsai tool makers in the world; Masakuni - this special knife has a unique curve that ensures a sharp and fine cut of the…
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Re-potting root hook Re-potting root hook
High quality root hook - used when re-potting Bonsai to tease old soil from the tree's root ball prior to root pruning.…
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Root Sickle Root Sickle
Japanese root sickle - used for cutting the roots from around the rim of the pot when repotting.  …
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Wooden Root-working sticks Wooden Root-working sticks
Wooden root-working sticks - pack contains large and medium size. Versitle, heavy-duty wooden root-working tools - ideal for re-potting and working with roots. More reliable than the tradit…
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