Topical Times – Bonsai?….are not they those small trees?

A regular update on the life and times of John Hanby’s Newstead Bonsai Centre……..

Topical Times – Bonsai?…..are not they those small trees?

Ask anyone you come across about Bonsai and I am sure they will only be too happy to explain to you that it is all about small miniature trees. Yesterday’s workshop was certainly not all about small miniature trees!!

True the material arriving on the class were Bonsai in the making…….but small??…… must be joking! These three giants arrived for some pruning advice. An Eleagnus, an Oak tree and a Field Maple.

Impressive trunks with excellent potential for some carving work and branch development. They are undoubtedly long term projects but with the possibilities for creating some amazing trees!

I will endeavour to keep you up to date with our bonsai journey…….

Studio Stories – Take Three trees……..

Sometimes I work on nursery trees, sometimes I work on client’s trees……and sometimes if I’ve been a really good boy I get to work on my own trees. Hopefully these regular visits will give you an insight into what goes on behind closed doors……….
Studio Stories – Take Three trees…..

These three trees were minding their own business growing away nicely in my garden……..but then they were whisked off into the studio for a bout of summer pruning.

The Black Pine was lifted from our growing bed 18 months ago. The Escallonia is due for a revamp of the deadwood. The Lonicera Nitidia basically has a good shape but some branches are being thickened to extend the tree’s profile.

All Three trees are works in progress and I must say I am pleased with all of them……they really are progressing well……

…… keep up the good work!!

Memory Lane – My first Privet bonsai continues to evolve!

Looking back….we can tell a tree’s story…..admire an image…..capture a moment…..remember a special event… inspired – to create a memory for tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this regular peep into some of John’s bonsai history.
Memory Lane – My first Privet bonsai continues to evolve!

Look at the first two pictures……taken on the 25th August 2001. The tree was in its first few years of training having been dug out of a hedge in November 1999.

After just over 18 months the tree is at least beginning to show some vigour and signs that it is recovering from the digging out process.

Hard to believe how it looks today. The very low right hand branch had gradually been getting weaker and this winter the tree decided that he didn’t need it anymore……..must admit that on reflection this was not such a bad decision!

The tree was repotted in spring so to help him recover I just let him grow and flower unchecked. The flowers have faded now so this afternoon I took him into the studio and gave him a really good pruning and thinning out.

He certainly looks a lot better for it……and is both healthier and happier. Good job you keep those old pictures to stimulate the memory……it is so easy to forget how far you have come with a tree!


Latest News – Two class dates changed!

Two class dates have been changed on our recently published Autumn schedule.

The open workshop on Saturday 18th August has been moved to Sunday 19th August.

The open workshop on Saturday 29th September has been moved to Sunday 30th September.

At the time of writing there are places available on both these new dates.