Latest News – October Classes availability!(Updated)


Saturday 8th         Open workshop          Sold out

Wednesday 12th   Midweek workshop     Sold out

Saturday 15th        Junipers two               1 place

Saturday 22nd        Maples three               1 place

Wednesday 26th     Midweek workshop    1 place

Saturday 29th         Open workshop          Sold out

Sunday 30th            Open workshop          Sold out

Please note there is only one open workshop place available in the whole of November…..the rest are sold out… if you need to work on your trees this autumn take a closer look at the October dates.



Topical Times – Fame at last…….

A regular update on the life and times of John Hanby’s Newstead Bonsai Centre……..

Topical Times – Fame at last…..

Just received the latest copy of Bonsai Focus today and there proud as punch on the front cover was my Privet bonsai. Several people had told me about it but this was the first time I had seen it.

I am indebted to Farrand and all at Bonsai Focus for selecting this tree for the cover of their magazine. The humble privet is so readily available and yet much maligned by the bonsai public. I hope the picture will alert people to what can be achieved with this material.

I suppose this tree was one of those “find of a lifetime” bonsai. It was a really old interesting stump with no branches when I started but together we have come a long way.

The picture was taken in May earlier this year when the tree was in an exhibition staged at the Ginkgo Bonsai Centre in Belgium. I had been kindly invited by my good friend Danny Use to join his Kei Bonsai Kai group and other invited guests in putting on this exhibition.

There is a full page picture of the privet inside the magazine and also a picture of my Euonymus which was also exhibited at the event.

Hope you enjoy the pictures below…….can’t help smiling…..Fame at last…….after only 25 plus years……..I hope you will forgive me if I savour the moment!………

dscn0210mar1302 img_0290 dscn0213

img_0291 picture-727 img_0292

Studio Stories – Spirea sprouting!!!

Sometimes I work on nursery trees, sometimes I work on client’s trees……and sometimes if I’ve been a really good boy I get to work on my own trees. Hopefully these regular visits will give you an insight into what goes on behind closed doors……….

Studio Stories – Spirea sprouting!!!

If you have read the student blogger’s article on “Hanby pruning” you will have seen the pictures of a rather large Spirea Japonica.

This tree was brought into one of my academy classes for discussion and some associated light pruning! The tree was just so vigorous but basically we had to remove everything….leaving the large base and three fairly thick trunks.

Almost all the new branches were too thin and growing in the wrong place. It was necessary to let the tree have this period of unrestrained growth to help it recover from being transplanted and to build up it’s vigour.

I think some of my students thought I had gone a bit too far this time…..even for me …but it really was necessary and two weeks later we already had a result! You can see how the tree is sprouting from everywhere again but this time we need to control the new growth and pinch away all buds that are not required.

Looking really good for next year now… maybe this Hanby pruning is not so bad after all!!!……..

img_6982 img_6984 img_6983

img_0131 img_0132

Memory Lane – Newstead Exhibitions 2006, 2008…….Cascade style bonsai!

Looking back….we can tell a tree’s story…..admire an image…..capture a moment…..remember a special event… inspired – to create a memory for tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy this regular peep into some of John’s bonsai history.

Memory Lane – Newstead Exhibitions 2006, 2008……..Cascade style bonsai!

It’s always interesting to take a look back at the Newstead Exhibition photos……they bring back many fond memories. I am forever indebted to the many people who painstakingly prepared their amazing trees and presented them to such a high standard at all our shows.

On this occasion I have selected some bonsai in the cascade or semi cascade style that were exhibited at our shows in 2006 and 2008.

Different varieties, both deciduous and conifers, some yamadorii, some with deadwood.

One of these trees had even been exhibited at the famous Kokufu exhibitions in Japan!

Hope this selection brings back memories for those of you who were there…..and if you were not there I hope these trees will provide a source of inspiration for you to create your own cascade style bonsai.

IMG_1599p IMG_1600p IMG_1606p IMG_1659p IMG_1671p IMG_1675p IMG_1678p IMG_1680p IMG_4421p1 IMG_4447p1 IMG_4455p1 IMG_4512p1 Newstead 2008 164 Newstead 2008 185 Newstead 2008 197