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Working on Duncan’s two Larch

We first discussed this tree towards the end of the growing season when it was still with foliage. There was a strong branch growing to the rear in addition to the ones visible from the front. There is an immediate conflict with these two trunk like branches pulling the viewer in opposite directions.
The tree in its winter image. The lower poorer branch on the right will be removed and the planting angle altered slightly to make the main tree more vertical. The movement to the smaller tree on the left becomes more obvious and also more natural with the smaller tree growing away from the main older tree.
The tree after some thinning out, a complete rewiring and branch positioning. The stub from the removed branch on the right has been made into deadwood.
A taller Larch pictured in its winter image shortly after its acquisition. It has been allowed to grow well in the summer but now needs a drastic pruning… has come to the right place!
The tree after the pruning. The structure of the branches and the spaces between them are now much more clearly visible. I had to go back to a basic ramification on each branch from which we can now develop more twigs and greater refinement.

Both these trees are old examples with excellent potential to reach a really high level.