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The story of a Japanese Yew (Part four)

May 2022 – The tree is vibrant, strong and healthy. The basic shape is visible but now somewhat unkempt and overgrown.
January 2023 – The tree is brought inside ready for a complete overhaul.
Old needles are removed. Shoots are selected and thinned out.
Work begins on cleaning the live veins and the deadwood areas.
The secondary thin live vein in the centre of the picture is no longer being used by the tree. The bark will be removed and it will be incorporated into the deadwood.
Old cut off roots will be carved and hollowed to create a more natural appearance.
After the work had been completed and lime sulphur applied.
February 2023 – Preparation work completed and now the tree is ready for a total wiring including most of the smaller fine twigs. Most of the main heavy branches are set in place and will not need to be wired.
A view from the rear of the tree prior to wiring. The old root coming straight down from the now redundant live vein and crossing the other roots will be shortened in due course and made into a small jin.
After wiring the entire tree using Japanese copper wire this was the waste material I had left. Economising in the amount of wire you waste is all down to technique and experience.
The tree after wiring and styling with potentially a slight change of angle to the front
A view from the right side.
A view from the left side.
A view from the rear of the tree.
January 2005 the picture taken immediately on his arrival from Japan.

I hope you have enjoyed the story of this yew tree and our journey together. I always knew there was a good tree in that hessian sack that arrived from Japan. It was a case of careful consideration, patience and working together with nature until finally his soul could be released.