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Some big tree repots this spring!

This year was one of those where a lot of my trees were in need of repotting so I had no option but to get stuck in and meet the challenge head on.

The rootball on my Euonymous is simply solid!
Easy to see why it was drying quickly and was hard to take water.
It just looks so much better in the fresh compost.
One of my large privets.
A little undignified in this picture!
My other privet after being repotted.
A large hollow trunk Taxus Cuspidata piece of raw material
A close up of the solid soil surface
And here is the reason why
Back in position and ready for the growing season.
Again it just looks so much better
One of my large junipers
Good growth has produced plenty of healthy roots
Heavy wire to tie in a heavy tree.
Another happy tree

I feel happy too knowing I have at least 4 or 5 years now before I have to consider this task again!