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The story of a Japanese Yew (Part two)

March 2010 – Following the tree’s first styling in February I decided to carry out a repotting and set the tree at its new correct planting angle.
The tree has a dense fibrous rootball typical of the species.
The tree happy in a new pot with the planting angle adjusted. The protruding original rootball to the left will gradually be reduced and eliminated.
A view from the other side, the back of the tree.
February 2013 – The tree stands now with no wire on and the protruding rootball has been completely removed.
September 2013 – The tree has grown well, complete with self generated accent plant!
A chance to look at the live veins in more detail. The main vein has become so strong, narrower, more rounded and standing proud of the trunk. The upper left section of the vein has become redundant, died back and is completely flat.
The area cleaned up and the dead section removed creating a wider shari.
A section of the other vein to the right of the chalk line had also died back.
The bark can be safely removed. The interplay between the two live veins and the extensive shari areas becomes even more dynamic.
April 2014 – After another wiring and styling new growth begins to emerge.

The tree continues to develop and make good progress but at the tree’s own pace. In extending the deadwood areas and reducing the live veins I follow the tree. The tree has initiated this process rather than me trying to impose changes just for the sake of it.

The story of this tree will be continued in the next instalment on my website.