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The story of a Japanese Yew (Part three)

August 2014 – The new growth is clearly visible.
Old bark between the live vein and the dead shari needs to be removed.
It’s easy to get behind the bark with a knife.
Old bark can be removed from the upper surfaces too.
The veins are becoming totally rounded standing proud on the trunk enhancing the maturity and character of the tree.
The centre of the trunk is now hollow too.
March 2017 – The tree had spent time on the sales benches and now stands without wire
There is a sparseness about the foliage but the tree is budding well.
June 2017 – The new growth is strong
March 2018 – After another wiring and styling.
May 2018 – And the new growth is ready for pinching
After the pinching work had been completed.
June 2018 – Before summer pruning.
After the summer pruning.
March 2020 – The tree continues to bud back well
April 2020 – Density is improving.
Time for more pinching work.
April 2022 – The tree is now looking really strong and healthy…..ready for the next wiring and styling.

The final part of this series will bring us right up to date with the latest styling carried out at the beginning of 2023.