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Topical Times – Andrews Juniper one to one…

A regular update on the life and times of John Hanby’s Newstead Bonsai Centre……..

Topical Times – Andrew’s Juniper one to one…

Just before Christmas Andrew visited the nursery for a one to one. Most of the day was to be spent on a substantial Juniper Parsonii.

The tree had been wired and styled before but the original work had now been out grown. Initial discussions again centred around the second smaller trunk…..should it stay or be removed?

When these discussions arise always remember it takes seconds to cut off that second trunk……but if we need to grow it again…….many years!! I also like the fact that this small second trunk gives the tree it’s character….it’s individuality! When this is removed the tree becomes just another informal upright Juniper.

The next thing to be checked was the deadwood. There were several areas where jins and shari could be extended or created. Some of these I marked with chalk.

I then cleaned out the foliage and removed all unwanted branches. The tree was then ready for rewiring. There was a lot of work to do so both of us worked quickly on the tree.

There was also a possible new front to consider…..this would be from the front right corner of the pot…..illustrated in the last two pictures. The view of the base of the tree is improved and the overall balance between the two trunks is better.

There is still some detailed wiring work to do but the basic restyling of the tree is complete. This is becoming a very impressive bonsai with a good canopy of foliage and tremendous character. That second trunk will always be an eye-catcher……now we must find the right pot to complement the design and enhance the image further.