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Latest News – January classes and Exciting times!

My body and soul are battered and bruised after a tempestuous 4 weeks but we finally completed our move and vacated Newstead. A massive thank you to all my helpers……you were all amazing and quite simply the move would never have happened without your input……so once again a truly heartfelt thank you!

The new classroom is still a bit rough and ready but the first class took place yesterday and this in itself was quite an achievement. This next week sees me working 7 days out of 9 so hopefully it will get well used before we break for Christmas.

These are exciting times as I look forward to embarking on my new adventure dragging you my students with me whether you like it or not….so get ready to roll!!! I can now concentrate on what I like doing best which is helping you develop your trees to a level you never imagined possible on a journey full of interest, knowledge and inspiration. I also already have plans for a totally new larger group academy.

I will continue to sell all the dry goods with a new pot delivery expected in January. I will dabble in trees with some good offers coming on material I have in stock including some special material included classes. Some new specially selected pieces arriving from Japan will be another highlight.

My website is currently being totally revamped and should be arriving shortly. The online shop will be completely overhauled, totally restocked and launched throughout social media. Students will be able to book classes online and receive newsletter updates.

In the meantime whilst we await arrival of the website I will release classes on a month by month basis and you can book in the normal way by sending me an email or by telephone.

The classes for January are :- 

Sun 6th. Open workshop

Sat 12th. Open workshop 

Sun 13th. Beginners one

Wed 16th. Midweek workshop 

Sun 20th Beginners two

 Wed 30th Midweek Workshop 

The 30th November marked the end of Newstead…..the end of a remarkable Bonsai era. The 1st December marked a whole new beginning…….John Hanby Bonsai is very much alive and kicking!……the next chapter in this wonderful Bonsai life is up and running…..the amazing journey continues… book your ticket, join me……you and your trees are set for the ride of your life!!!