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Paul’s Cedar – Excellent progress in three years!

December 2016…..a nice healthy bushy Cedar ripe for styling!
Another angle!…Some heavy branches…..
……you just knew I wouldn’t be able to resist the challenge!!
After this initial branch selection you can see that most remaining branches are already growing at the right angle and a broad triangular canopy is clearly visible. Growing tips are left unchecked to maintain the tree in good condition.
June 2018… becoming more compact but still strong and healthy.
Yesterday…..November 2019…..the tree had been repotted into this training pot in spring earlier this year and had continued to grow well throughout the summer showing no signs of stress. Paul wired the tree and brought it to a one to one session for me to style.

Yesterday was a defining moment for this tree. The bonsai image as at last broke free from the original bush. This is a strong classical image with nice lines and well defined spaces. The heavy branches give a strong sense of age to the tree.

There is continuing work to do on refining the foliage clouds and the deadwood. A Shari will be introduced to improve visual taper, link deadwood and create more interest whilst helping to age the tree even more.

The purists would argue to remove one of the lower branches as they emerge from the trunk at the same point. In this instance I would retain both as it is well camouflaged and I think the branches together contribute to the overall powerful image of the tree.

Excellent progress and development……basically it’s what my bonsai school is all about!!