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Juniper Chinensis…from bush to tree!

Ian’s Juniper Chinensis had grown really well but had become very “bushy”.
From the other side you can see that the foliage clouds have great density. We need to look at restyling and making it appear more tree-like.
Removing the two lowest branches instantly makes the tree look taller and more like a tree than a bush.
The dense foliage clouds are thinned out prior to wiring.
The tree after some more thinning out and a total rewiring.
The tree after it’s styling now has more stature and a visible nice tapering trunk line. The basis for the foliage clouds and spaces is now clearly defined.

Introducing more light and air into the canopy is vital for the tree’s future well-being. Once again I make no apologies for the tree’s scraggy and a little unkempt appearance. The tree is not being exhibited…..I don’t need immaculate well groomed foliage. What I do need is to retain sufficient strong foliage growth at the tips especially when so much foliage has been removed. This will maintain his health/vigour and ensure a good quick recovery from the work we have carried out.

As always the tree’s continued health and well-being is much more important to me than the final photograph…….and I hope you feel the same way too!