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It’s great to be back!

This month I have managed to fit in some private classes. These before and after pictures are from one of the classes. The trees had been growing really well so it was nice to be able to do a bit of pruning and get them back in to shape.

An impressive and substantial Japanese White Pine
Looking good even without wiring.
A heavy trunked Field Maple
The main branches are thickening up well.
Lonicera Nitidia with an unusually heavy trunk for this variety.
Now you can start to see the outline of the tree’s future canopy.
An elegant Juniper Procumbens.
A Classical Japanese Juniper image.
A strong healthy Japanese White Pine
Another nice image with no wire.
Another small tree, this time a Mugo Pine.
A powerful image with the long low branch.

It’s surprising what a difference a little bit of selective pruning can achieve. All these trees are now back on course for the rest of the season.