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Deadwood/Carving class – Paul’s Yew

Paul brought this Yew to my deadwood and carving class for advice on initial styling and the creation of deadwood.
The tree is shooting outwards strongly in opposite directions so a decision had to be made. The chalk marks show the line of the deadwood and new Shari.
More deadwood will be created on the opposite side of the tree.
Already the tree looks more dramatic and the foliage area is instantly more plausible.
On the opposite side separate veins either side of another smaller Shari are a nice feature.

An initial branch selection has been made on the remaining live foliage but we will now give the tree time to recover. Next year we will allow the foliage to grow giving us better options for our next branch selection and styling. We can now channel the vigour in the tree to where we want it and prune as required during the growing season. The tree should then be ready for its first wiring and foliage styling in around 12 months time.