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Larch pruning

Its that time of year when the bare branches on larch make it so much easier to prune them back to shape. They can also be wired and styled at the same time. Once the tree has an established shape and reasonable ramification we are often pruning last seasons growth back to only one or two buds.

The following larch were brought to classes just before we went into the current lockdown.

Last seasons long extensions need to be pruned back.
After the pruning work we can consider a new planting angle.
The tree after wiring and styling…..quite a transformation.
And finally a new pot for the tree.
A very old larch forest which has struggled over the years but is now showing signs of recovery.
The tree after a pruning session.
Another larch that had tough times but again is recovering well.
The dead branches will be linked with a shari up one side of the trunk which should make this tree much more dramatic.
Another old larch that had grown really well in the last growing season.
Appears quite drastic but this is almost a routine pruning for this tree.