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Update on a garden tree

Earlier this week I visited a garden tree I have been working on for a client. Once again it’s only when you look back at the old photos that you realise how far you have come with a project.

The tree after this weeks pruning and string tying session. It is shaping up nicely. The lower foliage clouds are gaining in density and the top just needs to fill out.
The tree that faced me when I arrived at the garden in August 2017. A wide spreading Atlantica Glauca Blue Cedar.
A view from the other side of the tree.
August 2017 after the initial pruning/styling.
July 2019 and the tree has grown back strongly.
July 2019 after another pruning session.
October 2020 and you can clearly see by the vigour in the tree how ridiculous the pot now is with his roots firmly entrenched in the ground.
October 2020 and a view from the other side.
October 2020 after a pruning and string tying session.

My client is delighted with the progress we have made and she has to take great credit for having the desire and vision to make something special out of a humble garden tree. All I have done is help her achieve her goal and give her something to enjoy and appreciate when she looks out over her garden.

Once again the value of having pictures to look back on really is priceless!