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Another “Drop and Collect” tree – Cedar Atlantica Glauca

The tree as it was brought to me. The top of the main tree is very heavy compared with the rest of the branches.
I decided to remove all the existing wire and totally rewire the tree.
I altered the planting angle of the tree to make more sense of the smaller tree and coordinate the two trunks together so that they appear more natural.
The smaller trunk wired and positioned. I could imagine some people being tempted to cut the taller tree away and enjoy this small powerful image.
It is tempting!!
The two heaviest branches on the tree which were dominating the upper area have been removed.
One has been removed completely whilst the other has been made into a small jin. There were too many branches emerging from a single point on the trunk.

The tree completely rewired and styled. Notice how there is very little wire evident on the trunks. The tree is nicely balanced and the excellent taper and movement in the main tree is much more obvious.

This styling has established a basic framework for the tree. In the following years the foliage clouds can be developed to encourage greater density and refinement. A repot in the spring into a slightly deeper pot will enable us to plant the tree at the correct angle ready for the next growing season.

I hope my drop and collect client is happy with his new tree.