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Ian’s White Pine making good progress

March 2018 and the tree is wired ready for styling.
What a difference a wiring and styling can make to a tree.
September 2019 – healthy and strong with lots of new growth the tree has been cleaned out ready for a second wiring. It also benefited from a spring repotting.
The neat shape is restored and the outline of the foliage clouds is much better defined.
December 2020 – the wire has been removed but the shape is still clearly defined. Selective pruning has been carried out and needles have been thinned to allow more light and air in to the canopy.
October 2021 – Wow!… we are looking at a classic Japanese White Pine bonsai image. The tree has benefited from another wiring and has been cleaned out. The needle size is good and growth is extremely well balanced.

Carrying out simple routine tasks each year combined with good maintenance in terms of watering and feeding can produce amazing results in a relatively short period of time. This is how we refine and develop our bonsai.