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It’s a bit like ‘Spot the difference’

Had a great one to two workshop yesterday with some amazing trees. Most of the work involved assessing the seasons growth and then carrying out the autumn pruning work required. Each trees health and strength was discussed and plans were made for how each tree would be allowed to grow next year to continue progressing with the trees refinement and improvement.

We have already come a long way with these trees and its great to see them developing so well. The pruning work involved going over every branch and twig on each tree to decide whether it could be left alone or pruned accordingly.

Sometimes the difference in the before and after pictures is very subtle so you may have to look very closely to appreciate the work carried out.

Trident maple before.
…..and after.
Arrakawa or cork bark maple before
…..and after
Another Trident maple before
…..and after
Red Deshojo maple before
…..and after
Acer Palmatum before
…..and after
Trident maple clump before
…..and after
Korean Hornbeam before
…..and after
Hawthorn before
…..and after, with a possible new front.