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Blue Cedar garden tree update

August 2017 – This was my first encounter with the tree. My client wanted me to try and shape it more in line with how we do bonsai to create a nice image for her garden.
The tree viewed from the other side.
The tree after the initial styling. I had to give the tree more height and basically grow a new top.
October 2020 – The tree has responded well.
After another pruning and the shape of a structured tree is beginning to emerge.
May 2022 – The new apex is starting to fill out whilst the lower branches are really gaining some density with back budding as a result of our past pruning.
The tree viewed from the other side.
After another pruning session the tree is taking on a nice form and foliage clouds are becoming much better defined. Didn’t realise my little helper had sneaked into the picture too!
The tree viewed from the other side. We have basically grown this top from nothing.

It just shows what can be achieved with just a visit for pruning less than once a year. My client deserves much of the credit for having the vision to see the potential in the tree in the first place. All I have done is help her achieve what she hoped for.

Apparently she gets many compliments and much admiration for the tree from everyone who visits her garden. Maybe you should have a look in your garden to see if you have any trees you could make into an impressive feature just by doing a little bit of pruning.