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A sad farewell…..

Just said goodbye to these three trees. I hope the new owner gets as much pleasure from them as I have enjoyed. As you can see they have certainly changed while I have had them. Another two trees due to leave my collection soon. I won’t have many left but I will have a lot of good memories and some of their stories in my book.

July 2017 – Had been lifted out of the ground earlier in the spring.
August 2022 – A true black pine image with greater density is at last beginning to emerge. The wire has been on for over 4 years.
My Kiyohime maple started life as a garden tree before disaster struck one spring and the tree lost half of its canopy.
May 2022 – The story of the trees recovery can be followed in a previous blog.
June 2002 – The tree on the road to recovery after being lifted from a hedge in November 1999
May 2021 – This tree has made an amazing powerful image in the classic Japanese style.

It’s nice to think that someone else can now get pleasure from these wonderful bonsai.