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Studio Stories – Bonsai Maples from the garden

Sometimes I work on nursery trees, sometimes I work on client’s trees……and sometimes if I’ve been a really good boy I get to work on my own trees. Hopefully these regular visits will give you an insight into what goes on behind closed doors……….

Studio Stories – Bonsai Maples from the garden

In a corner of my bonsai garden adjacent to the gate are two maples. One is a green maple whilst the other is of the Atropurpureum variety. Both tree suffered from severe dieback over the years but continue to regrow and fill up the space.

However as you can see this corner is looking a bit sad after a long wet winter and the unwanted attentions of two mischievous ever-digging Rottweiler dogs!

IMG_1071 IMG_1072 IMG_1073






IMG_1059 IMG_0315







So on the 19th April 2013 I decided to lift the maples and introduce them to a better way of life…….One safely away from marauding dogs where their every whim is taken care of in a sheltered protected environment…….welcome to the bonsai training pot!

IMG_1075 IMG_1076 IMG_1077

The trees were dug out with as much root as possible. As much of the heavy roots were pruned away as possible and then the tops were also pruned back. Any potential useable branches were retained and future possible trunk lines were also considered in making the selection.

IMG_1078 IMG_1079

Both trunks will have good potential for future hollowing/carving especially the purple maple as the central trunk has already died back and could be safely hollowed out.


The pictures below were taken today 23rd May, just over a month later. The trees have been protected in a polytunnel and you can see that despite the cold weather they are sprouting/growing well.

Both trees have far greater potential as bonsai than as garden material and therefore this exercise was justified and really worthwhile………..and the garden???…… well I have had to replant with suitable material from our nursery…….seems to me everyone’s a winner ……. unfortunately the dogs are already rubbing their claws together!!!……. I will let you know what happens!!!

IMG_1223 IMG_1224


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    June 1, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    If all you need is two big dogs to get great bonsai trees then I’m off to the local kennels tomorrow for two of my own!!

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