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Studio Stories – Taxus Cuspidata from Korea (Part Two)

Sometimes I work on nursery trees, sometimes I work on client’s trees……and sometimes if I’ve been a really good boy I get to work on my own trees. Hopefully these regular visits will give you an insight into what goes on behind closed doors……….

Studio Stories – Taxus Cuspidata from Korea (Part Two)

Part One of this blog was posted on the 1st May 2014 and told the tree’s story up to his appearance at Newstead One, our bonsai show held in September 2004.

Following his earlier exploits on the show bench he was basically allowed to grow freely in 2005 with just some thinning out of the foliage in late summer. The first four pictures were taken in April. The final picture shows the new growth emerging in May 2006.

April 2005 001 April 2005 003 April 2005 002

April 2005 004 Summer 05 001 Summer 05 002

May06 047 Summer 05 003 Summer 05 004







For the remainder of 2006 he was also allowed to continue growing, something he seemed to be really enjoying as you can see from the three pictures below. (Apologies for blur in picture one)

Aug 06 001 Aug 06 002 Aug 06 004

Some general thinning out was undertaken in May 2007 as you can see below.

May 07 001 May 07 010 May 07 009 May 07 007 May 07 004 May 07 003

Having continued to grow vigorously the tree was thinned out in October and shaped just by pruning in December.

Oct07 003 Oct07 004 Oct07 005

Dec07 008 Oct07 001 Oct07 002

Dec07 005 Dec07 007 Dec07 006

Dec07 002 Dec07 004 Dec07 003

Spring 2008 and once again it’s a pleasure to see the strength in this tree. You can see how much the new growth is reduced as we work our way down from the apex. By the end of the summer he is pruned to shape, tarted up and once again takes his rightful place on the Newstead show bench in our 3rd Extravaganza. It’s nice that he was noticed by Sakuma san and would have been a prizewinner had he not be owned by the organiser!!!….he did not know it was my tree…..the tree put in a transfer request almost immediately but fortunately his agent knew nothing about football!!!……so he’s still here.

May 08 001 May 08 003 May 08 002

IMG_4433p1 Newstead 2008 008 May 08 004

The period above was an extremely busy one for all of us at Newstead. Developing and stocking the new nursery, organising two major bonsai shows, supporting Danny at the Gingko award in Belgium, and running bonsai classes every week. Sometimes your own trees have to wait but they can be better for it in the long run if you maintain their health/vigour and let them grow…..then you can enjoy playing catch-up which starts next time in Part Three……see you there…..