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Latest News – New Classes 2015…130 places reserved in first 10 days!!!

The dates for our Spring/Summer schedule for 2015 have just been released and you will find them under “Courses” in a drop down menu under the heading “Bonsai Classes and Information”.

This is a busy bonsai Junipers Sep 09 009period so expect whole months to be sold out again. Of the 488 workshop places available between January and July 130 were reserved in the first 10 days and the momentum is continuing!

Thank you for your continued support and a big warm welcome to those of you who are now proposing to join us on a regular basis.

As usual there are lots of open workshops and a midweek workshop every fortnight. There are academy and project bonsai sessions together with some courses for beginners too.

All the species are covered with dedicated classes……Maples one and two, Pines one and two, Junipers, Taxus, Satsuki Azaleas, and larch.

There are also specialist classes on Forest plantings, Rock/slab plantings, and Grafting/air layering.

Basically there is something for everyone…….I am sure there is something for you!

JANUARY SPECIAL – Book any two classes taking place in January for £35. (Excludes academy and project bonsai classes) The normal price of each class is £22.50 with the exception of Extra time classes.

CLASS CHANGE – The Forest Planting class scheduled for Saturday 24th January will now take place on Sunday 1st February. Please contact the nursery to book your place.