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Latest News – March 9 classes, 72 places – 4 left! Repotting – Pots and compost in stock!

March Classes

Sat 7th         Pines one             1 place

Sun 8th        Workshop            Sold out  (NEW)

Wed 11th     Workshop            Sold out

Sat 14th       Workshop            Sold out

Sun 15th      Workshop            1 place  (NEW)

Sat 21st        Workshop           3 places  (NEW)

Wed 25th      Workshop           Sold out

Sat 28th       Junipers one        Sold out

Sun 29th      Academy eight     Sold out


We have sacks of akadama in four graded sizes, pumice, kanuma and keto. We also have small bags of ready mixed compost ready to use at your convenience.

Repotting service available!

We have a great selection of bonsai pots in varied shapes and sizes, hopefully with one to suit your tree.