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Andrew’s Two Cedars

These two Cedars were recently brought to a one to one session along with some Maples.

This Cedar Libanii has grown well and is very healthy.
The lower branches are becoming weaker because of the excessive wide growth around the top of the tree. The apex is also becoming too flat.
The tree after pruning… more in balance and with a large branch removed and made into a jin.
When the tree is next repotted it needs to be planted more upright. The branches will be realigned when the tree is next rewired.
This Cedar Deodora is also very healthy and strong with a bushy canopy.
It has lost its shape/style and has no structure near the apex.
The canopy has been greatly reduced and given a basic wiring. The apex has been raised and a strong side branch made into a Jin.
The existing Shari in the trunk has been extended.
The line of the deadwood was improved by heat bending.
The curve in the trunk leading to the apex is now visible and eventually the Jin will be extended to form a Shari and improve the appearance of taper in the trunk line.
The strong Jin was too horizontal and the whole appearance of the tree can be improved by altering the planting angle slightly the next time it is repotted.