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David’s Juniper Ittogawa – First Styling

This Juniper Ittogawa arrived from Japan in March earlier this year. This picture was taken in July shortly after the tree had been released from quarantine. You can see how strong the tree is from the tip extensions.
The tree after branch selection being prepared for wiring.
The back of the tree with initial work on a Shari and Jin.
The tree is now wired and ready for branch placement.
The back of the tree.
The first styling completed. Spaces have been created through which the jins can be seen and also for a Shari to be created on the twisting section of the lower trunk where it rises out of the pot. I make no apologies for the tree’s a little unkempt appearance. All the branch tips have extending strong new growth. The foliage that remains will ensure this tree recovers from the work carried out and continues to grow strongly. This is what it is…..a first styling!!
We could manicure the foliage and create a much more pristine image making the transformation look much more impressive. But why??…..we remove too much greenery, we cut back the growing tips…….basically we weaken the tree, we set him back…..his future development will take longer while we wait for him to recover.
It is not necessary to have a show image at this stage of the tree’s development. Ensuring that the tree remains strong and healthy will help us achieve our ultimate goal much more quickly.